I’ve just come back from having a chinwag with Soli Philander (Mr KapeTown) on his online radio station The Taxi. I have always talked to Soli over the years; he has been a passionate and committed follower of me and my work, which has been brilliant for me, because I have needed the publicity and exposure. Soli really has been amazingly generous about all of that. And today I want to ‘do it a little differently’. I want to talk about him, the work he does in this town, and how completely amazing he is.

I forget what a brilliant, enthusiastic, passionate, committed, driven and dynamic force Soli is because every time I talk to him it’s about me and the work I’m doing. And yet, he has single handedly changed how we are a community in Cape Town. Conversations with Soli are always deeply honest and to the point. He gets what’s important, and is a hater of bullshit. He loves deeply and strongly, particularly things magical and creative. He is a positive power force. And I am so happy I get a chance to chat to him every now and again. He re-inspires me. And he can you. Listen to The Taxi and hear.