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The Tent revisited

While I have always quietly held onto the fact that The Tent was a good play, I had to contend with the usual hard knocks of rejection when it came to staging it again, after the initial commitment and funding that Artscape and the New Writing Programme gave it in 2009.

It being chosen as one of the finalists in the Projecto 34 degrees South Theatre in Translation project was fantastic. Last night though, I received an email from The National Theatre Studio in London letting me know that The Tent had been chosen (from hundreds of submissions) as one of the finalists in their call for African plays. I have been invited to London for a week, to spend time with the other playwrights and to attend a dramaturgy (I am better at spelling that than saying it!) workshop. I am so excited, and deeply proud. Oh dear, this is starting to sound like an award speech. Honestly though, I have a lot of people to thank for believing in this play and getting it out there. Mostly, there is Alfred Rietmann. Alfred, thank you.



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  1. Tara

    That’s freaking awesome! Congrats Megan, that is some very cool news.

  2. tandi

    We Believe!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Beilla Gans

    How gratifying for you. I was one of the first who told you that it was well written, not a wasted word etc. etd. Good luck in London. Love Tante B

  4. megan

    Thanks lovelies. Tante B, I wrote this here for you!

  5. alfred rietmann

    Aw thanks Megan. You know I beleived in THE TENT from day ONE and I will hold both thumbs and both toes. blessings xxx

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