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The Twinkle Show

Our most magnificent nephews are here from Jozi and they really are educating me big time. If you are four and a half or two and a half there is a lot going on that a big somebody needs to know about. And I’m learning stuff, fast. I’m lucky that these two are so imagination free, and we can play complicated role play games for hours. They also have the most phenomenal memories, which means we can start something and then pick it up again the next day. In fact, big brother remembers the minutest detail from when they were here in March.

Yesterday we stomped off to the Iziko Natural History Museum and Planeterium. The museum is great. I remember my father taking us to the museum on rainy days, when we came down to Slaap Stad to visit my grandparents. Most of the displays of stuffed animals and skeletons are probably exactly the same as they were then! What I like is that it has become an active space; with kids and their parents running around and totally engaged. I was very disappointed that the Discovery Room was closed. It’s closed on weekends and only open on week days for school groups. I think that is ridiculous. What about the thousands of kids who come with their parents on the weekend?

Then we went through the museum and off to the planetarium for their special children’s show, The Twinkle Show. Now, the planetarium is an impressive building, and the special expensive projector looks like a very advanced Wall e type robot. The seats that bounce right back, giving and unobstructed view of the ‘night sky’ are also very cool. Everything is set up for a really good show. Wow, though. The woman who leads us through it is totally agonising. She follows a bit of a storyline, but most of it is ad-libbed, which is not fantastic for someone who struggles in English. She is also excruciatingly patronising and sing song. Judging by how full it was yesterday I’m sure that this little show is one of the few money spinners at the museum. Invest a little in this awesome product and make it a really fun and inspiring half an hour, instead of the dreary, confusing and boring little show it is.

Today it is bucketing down. We were going to motor off to Die Strandloper but I think it’s going to be koeksisters from down the road and DVDs.


Ear Worm


West Coast


  1. Theo Ferreira

    Dear Megan

    I was very sad to read about your experience in the Iziko Planetarium. We welcome constructive critisism and value your input.

    The Twinkle show is one of our most popular shows (started in 2002), which reguarily receives positive feedback. I was personally suprised to read your comments, as it was presented by a trained English teacher who has presented over 5000 shows in our theatre going back to 1989.

    I was dissapointed that you did not make your feelings clear to the presenter directly after the show she would have welcomed the opportunity to discuss your feelings about her performance andf where she could improve.

    Nevertheless, we are about to start a new presentation and would welcome your input and ideas on how we should present the information to our target audience, children under 10 years of age.

    Please feel free to contact me and we could arrange a time to meet, discuss our new show and add your input

    Kind regards

  2. megan

    Hi Theo
    I am sorry, it seems that I hurt your feelings. I gather, from your comment, you feel as if I am complaining. I treated the show as I would any other and gave it a ‘crit’, which if taken personally can sound quite harsh. I am a theatre person and always look at things from a performance perspective. I would be more than happy to consult with you around ideas for a script and direction to make the show more theatrical.

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