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theatre free

It’s been a theatre free week for me. I ran four workshops last week, one of them in Jozi where I spent Thursday night with friends and family. I was invited to go to Reach last night but I just couldn’t face it. It goes like that sometimes.

Interesting. I’ve checked out my blog, and even though I’ve written quite a bit since my last review, that’s the thing that’s been getting a response. It’s great news that people are reading about, commenting on and being vocal for theatre. Junkie has been so controversial. People have loved it or hated it. People have needed the space to say so.

I think that as theatre makers we need to listen to our audience all the time and give them a platform to communicate with us. That’s why Mike van Graan is so clever. He really cultivates an audience by finding out who comes to see his shows, why they come and what they want. He understands marketing.

Big Friendly has an idea, that will soon be a site, called critcrack, which will be a forum for anybody to post a review on any show. Then you can comment or vote on the review. I am so excited. Imagine. A place where an audience member can be heard. A place where a critic can be responded to. A place where a great show can become a cult success. A place where bad theatre and bad reviewing gets slammed. Oh boy. It can’t happen soon enough.


the nerve


shit house mouse

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  1. Oh, I like! Dear Friendlies, please consider adding a rating facility as well. So we can read the reviews, as well as see an aggregate of votes on the show.

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