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One thing that I am constantly reminded of is how (and I know I’m generalising here) theatre people find it so difficult to get themselves to see their fellow performer/director/writer’s work. One of the things I find I do endlessly is nag theatre people to come and see my stuff. And, more and more since I’ve started this blog, have I found people nagging me to go and see their stuff. I have no idea why I manage to get to some stuff with such ease and other stuff I just can’t face. It must be the same for everybody. But I think all theatre people need to make more of an effort to see each other’s work. That’s how you learn. That’s how you see who is out there. That’s how you see who is doing what.

One thing that actors are particularly bad at is self promotion. A good way to get into other theatre people’s good books is to go and see their stuff. Simple.


Godfrey is Growing


A funny thing happened on the way to TheatreSports


  1. The Saint

    Interesting – last night’s opening of Frogs had at least 6 other performers in the audience and not a comp in sight !!! Good Evening.
    Oh and by the way the Play and Taryn Bennett are absolutely enchanting. Please come and see it !!!

  2. megan


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