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TheatreSports; 16 years and going strong

sm Theatresports Jon, Nicholas, Yve 04 Right, I have to get right down to it. Tighten the straps, batten down the hatches, draw on the resources, etc. It’s going to be a crazy two weeks of TheatreSports. This week we celebrate our 16th birthday with performances every night and then next week we play here in Slaap Stad on Monday and Tuesday, and then a small team zips off to Knysna for four sold out fundraiser performances.

For everyone who has been or said they would come or meant to come or even thought about coming to a TheatreSports show, this is the week to do it. Let me remind you how cheap it is (R40 @The Intimate and R50 @ Kallk Bay Theatre) and that every single show is different, so you can see it more than once and never see the same thing twice.

Phone me now on 0834403961 to book, or check out the TheatreSports website and book on line.


The Tent comes down


One down

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  1. Ryan

    The first of our birthday shows was amazing! Great audience… great improv… great vibes all round. Let’s hope this energy carries on throughout our birthday week.

    One down. Five to go…

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