I haven’t written about my big theatre love, TheatreSports, for a while now, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t on my mind. In fact there’ll be an interview with me on KFM tomorrow morning, with Mel Jones.

I love TheatreSports because of what it allows me to be as a performer, I love TheatreSports because of what it gives to an audience. I love it because it is based on such fabulous, warm and positive principles, and when I remember to apply them to my life as well, the world is a better and more positive place. I love that TheatreSports is good value for money with tickets that a whole family can afford. I love that TheatreSports keeps rampant theatre egos in check and that you have to listen to others, share and work together. I love that we perform twice a week. I love that every show is different. I love it that people who have seen me play TheatreSports think that they know me; and strangers always smile and say hello. I love Mondays and Tuesdays because they’re TheatreSports days.

Ok, now I’m feeling much better!