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TheatreSports – my mojo

Yesterday was intense; for a number of reasons that included me getting a fdc nomination for Noah of Cape Town (yay for me), and being sad and disappointed that others didn’t (I’m not going into it here), it being so very hot and sticky while we rehearsed the industrial theatre project I work on every year, my damncar remaining unfixed after many days at two different garages, and lots of admin (my absolute worst)!

So driving to The Kalk bay Theatre yesterday evening, I had to muster up the energy for a TheatreSports performance; I was hot, tired and a teeny bit grumpy, to tell you the honest truth. But I was so cheered up when we were done! Firstly, we had a fabulous and enormous crowd, of mainly TheatreSports virgins, in the audience. Secondly, the show itself was most delightful, wacky, hilarious and entertaining. We were on top form I tell ya. It is like the best medicine.

I am one of the lucky ones. I have this thing; it cheers me up, it’s what I love to do, it makes people laugh, it isn’t rude, it’s with a team, it’s totally feel good, and it’s been in my life for 18 years now. TheatreSports is my mojo.


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  1. The Saint

    But I am – and yes I am not impartial. It is a wonderful thing to be tested against the best of one’s peers and found to be tops. So I feel sorry for the fdc nominess for Best Director because missing off the list is a person whose presence would grace it, who deserves to be there and whose absence devalues the category. The eventual winner must know that he/she is lucky not to have been tested against this lady.

  2. megan

    So do I.

  3. Beilla Gans

    Yeah for Megan Tante B

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