After a teeny, intimate and very sweet show at The Intimate last night, we are all getting ready to pack up and go to the G’town fest. Eek. Time is upon us. I’ve got a meeting and millions of things to do today, before I pick up our TS muso Hannelore at 6am tomorrow morning, and we get on the road in an overstuffed Opel Corsa.

It’s always hilarious to see the various modes of transport, and what they carry, to the fest. We will have five bright orange plastic chairs, a scoreboard, easel, two PVC banners, our personal luggage, and us squeezed in. We travel light with TheatreSports; no set or costumes to worry about. Great.

This year we decided not to make flyers (embarrassing and horrible to hand out) or posters (hell to put up only to be torn down again, or stuck over) and we’ve made badges and stickers. We saw the badges yesterday and they are pretty cool. Candice will get the stickers today.

The one thing I am really struggling with is leaving Noah of Cape Town for a week. It’s not that I actually do anything. But, I’m around. And it’s hard to go and be so far away. Thank the gods of technology for cellphones hey?