There are two mice doing whatever they want now. One of them got in between the stove plate and the base thingy yesterday and all I could see was his goddamn tail sticking out! We are going to Parow this morning to get that subsonic sound repellent. It’s my last effort at being Mr nice guy. If it doesn’t work I’m calling in the big guns. Does anybody know, do pet snakes get on with dogs? Omigod, I’ve just totally freaked myself out! Can you imagine a snake slithering around, eating mice? Nature is a beautiful thing. In nature. Outdoors. On a farm. Not here in the urban inner city. Actually, the more I think about it the more gruesome it gets. Have you seen the size of the rats in Cape Town? And the pigeons? City animals are totally hectic! At least the mice are small. They have to go. Today.