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For the last couple of years I have been noticing how the foot bridges over the highways, mainly De Waal Drive and the Eastern Boulevard, have been vandalised and stripped. All the in-between poles that support the hand railings have been gradually ripped out and the gaping holes are filled with chicken wire. It drives me nuts.

Then, about two months ago Big Friendly and I were walking the Taiwanese canine refugees on our regular field in Woodstock when a man and his friend tried to kick down a section of the ancient wrought-iron fence. Big Friendly stopped them and was blasted with vitriolic swearing as they reluctantly trundled their supermarket trolley down the road.

Yesterday we were driving to the beach and we had taken one of those narrow little roads that connect Victoria Road with Albert Road and we had to slow down for a barely in control trolley and its drivers. There, hanging over the edges of the trolley and causing it to weave and shudder along the road, was a huge section of old wrought-iron fence; the same kind but bigger than the fence around the field. And I just started feeling hysterical. I am sure that that piece of fence came from one of the ancient and beautiful parks in the area. I know for sure that it was being taken to a local scrap metal dealer. I have no doubt he would buy it, knowing full well what it was and where it could have come from. and so the cycle continues.

I am sure we have bigger and more serious problems. Drugs, crime, corruption and  Xenophobia are rife. But for me, the stealing of these fences is an absolute affront. I know it is ridiculous to take it personally, but I do.




London Road Conundrum

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  1. Tante B

    I think this is the essence of the problems – destruction – by the have nots.

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