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thieving ninnies

This is a note to the three women who arrived at the Kalk Bay Theatre last night, ate a delicious meal, complained because there was a big group of children (about 20 divine, well behaved, enthusiastic 12 year olds) attending the show, and got up and left before the show WITHOUT even paying for their meal. Apparently they were cross because no-one told them there was going to be a big group of kids at the show. Have you ever? What did they expect? “I hope you approve of the general age of our public audience madam.”? The irony was that there were many more adults than children in the audience and everybody had a total blast. As always, the kids came up with some truly remarkable suggestions which helped us on our way to being brilliant. You horrible lady-crooks missed a brilliant Understudy called “My Sweet Sugar-Plum Wolverine”, an Indie rock song called “Killer Bunnies”, a Jonathan’s Lisp where all es’s became els and much, much more. I don’t see where you get to decide on the age group of an audience if the show is suitable for all ages. And not paying for your food makes you crooks and thieves. Shame on you. Sies.


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  1. The Saint

    And you should have heard them defending their despicable conduct this morning when faced by my phone-call !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. megan

    I am still cross.

  3. I am so glad the saint got hold of the thieving ‘bollas and hope he gave them hell!!

    I hope he told them something along the lines of “leaving a place without paying for one’s meal is (check your Grade R notebook, bozo) called stealing. At school, you get expelled for stealing, as an adult — you get arrested.”

    How about a few hours’ community work with youngsters in this town, true magic learners who have more decency than a schmuck who eats and leaves. A pox on his doggiebag!

  4. Big Friendly

    This is inexcusable and conduct becoming the most base of people. I think The Saint, Rudy and I should get dressed all in back, find where these people live and do a late night drive by fruiting.

  5. beilla gans

    Words fail me – despicable conduct will have to do. A wonderful experience for the kids. Tante B

  6. megan

    You won’t believe this! Check out the Kalk Bay Theatre website and see under comments the rambling defensive bumbling excuse the woman gives for eating and leaving. Thief. Ninny.

  7. The Saint

    The reply is there. No payment as yet; in fact no comment except for that rather badly written rambling diatribe.

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