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Thunder Murder and other Jokes of the Season

I love it when children get turned on to jokes. All of a sudden, at about five or six, they start finding them funny. Usually they are pathetic riddles or knock knock jokes, and obviously I love them. I have always enjoyed a good, short, clean joke. On Christmas day there are jokes in our crackers. Big Friendly got a good one this year. What’s white and sweet and swings through the jungle? Tarzipan. Pathetic, I know. The first joke I ever told Big Friendly was similar. What’s blue and white and swings through the jungle? A fridge in a denim jacket.

On Boxing Day we went to some friends for a braai and their two little girls were still full of Christmas spirits. They ran around and showed us their gifts and at some point the elder who is six, offered to tell us her joke. She is this absolute cutie and has lost all of her top front teeth. Anyway, we settled down to hear the joke and she began, “There was this guy, Thunder Murder….” Naturally, we all went totally hysterical. So, from now and until forever, we will tell Thunder Murder jokes!


Hi ho hi ho


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  1. sarah hansmann

    still one of favourite jokes, ha ha, fridge with denim jacket on.

    love it.


  2. megan

    Oh Sartjie! You are missed!

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