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Today’s nerves

Yesterday I went to Newlands to watch the rugby live for the first time in my life. It was pretty cool, and totally different from the cricket, which is still my favourite. I like being part of the crowd and I love the lights and energy and noise. The game itself was pretty uninspiring, although I am glad the Stormers won. All of this while Bangladesh managed to pull a win over England in the CWC. I couldn’t have been more delighted. Until I realised that they could do the same to the Proteas! But first, it’s the game today. I am properly tense!




Howzat for a game!


  1. Simon Cooper

    I expected the Stormers to lose last night and I think India wil wallop us. Can I be wrong twice ? I hope so.

  2. megan

    Oy Simon. Oy I say.

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