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Tonight’s the night

We’re opening Songs of Hangings and Redemtion tonight. Yesterday, while we were setting up and moving into the venue (and waiting for some special cables for the speakers) the lighting desk stopped talking to the dimmer packs. I swear, don’t even ask me. So we had a lighting meltdown for TheatreSports last night (it’s in the same venue) and I have to get someone at The Intimate to help me today. And I have to learn the sound, and programme the lights. So that’s probably why I didn’t sleep last night and why I woke Big Friendly at about 530 this morning. Maybe I’ll see you later. Just excuse the yawning and coffee trembles.


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Openings of Hangings


  1. Go have a blast, toi-toi-toi! I loved SoHaR when I saw it in the previous run; The Intimate is a perfect venue for it. Graham’s rendition of ‘Tom Dooley’ (aka “Hang down your head”) is blood-curling. If you missed the first run – don’t miss this one. Much love to the whole gang from Rudy. PS re – meltdown: don’t forget to leave out dry biscuits and beer to pacify the ancestors, sounds like a dibbuk in the works, or maybe it’s just Tom Dooley crying his head off in shame.

  2. megan

    yay! Thanks for the big up. All technicals are ironed out. Looking forward to this eve. And even more to tomorrow!

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