The table below describes which of our customers entered into the benchmark agreement described in the Participation Code for the electricity sector and the last time we made changes to their schedules. We also provided contract details with amended clauses and found where customers have older “link contracts” instead of transfer agreements. In accordance with clause 42 of the TPM, Transpower is required to publish information on approved prudent discount agreements (PDAs). Transpower currently has two PDAs, one in Aniwhenua and Matahina and the other in Waipori. We also have a notional embedding contract (NEA) which was the type of agreement that preceded the PDAs. The NEAs are for the Waitaki generation. On this page you will find information about prices, rentals and transfer contracts. With new signatories such as Auckland Council, Auckland Transport, Panuku Development Auckland and Otago Polytechnic, the coalition is pleased to welcome the first City Council and the first educational institution that joins the growing ranks of organisations interested in engaging in action on climate change. Read More The twelve months from September 1 to August 31 were used to determine capacity factors such as SIMI, RCPD, AMI and AMD. This second anniversary snap is a recording of CLC`s activities and successes from August 2019 to September 2020, with a focus on our reporting on the three pillars of our new strategy: CEO leadership, collective transparency, and the fight against climate change. Information was gathered from the responses of the signatories of the Climate Leaders Coalition (CLC) and analysed by the Sustainable Business Council (SBC). 2.10 The guiding principles of the NZEM were based in part on government objectives. In summary, these principles provided that rules and structures should promote electricity markets: OCS New Zealand is a major employer in the cleaning and facilities management sector, with important partnerships in the areas of government, education and aviation.

It recently received the Carbonreduce certification from Toit? Envirocare, the first major company in its industrial sector to benefit from prestigious support. In a briefing released today, 150 business leaders are calling on the new government to work with businesses to boost the achievement of New Zealand`s zero-carbon goal. The briefing, commissioned by the SBC (SBC) and the Climate Leaders Coalition (CLC), represents the collective views of their members and signatories on climate change priorities. This case study examines Auckland Transport`s role in moving buses from diesel to zero emissions. 2.23 Consumers and retailers located at a given site have generally not been able to choose another company to transfer electricity to their homes or business premises. The lack of competition in the market has resulted in companies in the sector having few incentives to reduce costs and few restrictions on profits made. Climate Leaders Coalition photos Learn more about Z Energy`s approach to sustainability reporting and the lessons they`ve learned. . 3: Inquiry into the Electricity Industry: June 2000 Report to the Minister of Energy, Ministry of Economic Development, Wellington, page 24 (available from To support the announcement of the Climate Leaders Coalition and the signing of the CEO`s Climate Change Statement, the following document was drafted to provide an overview of the coalition, the case for a low-emission economy, and the context of coalition members, business leaders, and their mood and action in this area. Read more 2.18 Four power generation companies accounted for 85% of New Zealand`s electricity generation capacity. .

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