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triple back-fire

I hate able bodied people parking in disabled parking bays. They make me totally nuts. My father who suffered for years before his death, proudly displayed a disabled parking permit in his car and made me very aware of this issue. I can be a bit of a vigilante and if I see a person jumping out of their car, hurriedly parked in a disabled bay I will confront them. Which is exactly what I did at a shopping centre today! handicap-signs-parking-2 A huge and gleaming very expensive German luxury vehicle pulled into said bay and out popped a very well dressed old couple. They were sprightly and showed no visible signs of disability as they slammed doors shut and beeped their alarm. They could see me staring and he gave me a “what are YOU looking at?” glare, so I approached and said, rather politely, “Please tell me what’s wrong with you.” He shouted,”With who?” I said, “With you. You are parked in a disabled bay.” Which is when he went totally ballistic and demanded I come with him to see his sticker. Of course it was there and I felt like a total moegoe. I apologised profusely explaining that I was in fact on his side and fighting his war. He would have none of it and continued complaining as I walked away with my tail between my legs and a lump in my throat. I guess this is one battle I won’t be fighting any more.




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  1. Tante B

    Good for you! Just be sure next time ….. Don’t feel bad, you are on the right track.

  2. The Saint

    Dubya would probably call them “collateral damage” and move on but clearly he would be wrong. However I think the guy was a bit unreasonable in not seeing that you were fighting his corner and you shouldn’t feel bad. I blaps does not a summer make or whatever Willem Wikkelspier said and right is on your side. Kennedy – ‘for evil to flourish it is necessary only that good men [women] do nothing”. Brandish that sword again.

  3. Retro

    So what was wrong with him?

  4. megan

    You know, I don’t know… you don’t think? No…that’s too hectic to imagine…you think?
    Think I been conned?

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