We often walk our dogs in Rondebosch park, and in the holidays we go there a lot and early because there is no traffic. So, yesterday morning we were stumbling around on our normal route, at about 7 in the morning, when I saw a woman waving to us. We approached her and she pointed out two juvenile owls, sitting in the tree, almost close enough to touch. The one had his golden eyes firmly on us, while the other slept with eyes tightly shut behind his sibling.

The woman told us that she had been part of the team that had ringed them when they were still in the nest. She was a glowing and proud mom. We stood in absolute awe and wonder, looking at these miracles while feeling the eyes of the unseen mother on us.

We left, with huge thanks to the woman who showed us, as she spoke gently to them, asking them to be good and safe over new year.