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Ugli Bob is pretty cool

It’s PANSA’s month of performance this September, here in Slaap Stad, and they’ve organised a few workshops for members and other people, so last night I went to one run by fab director, actor and theatre maker Rob "Ugli Bob" Murray, called "Listening with your Eyes". I liked the name, and I was also taken with the idea of participating as opposed to running a workshop.

cs_rob There were about nine of us who pitched up. (It’s amazing to me how few actors take advantage of this kind of offer to work and play and further their skills, but that’s a separate blog entry for another day). Ugli Bob is charismatic and charming, and totally in love with his art, so he passes this on with great ease. It was a delightful, entertaining, refreshing and fun two hours playing with new people and living ‘the art of possibility’. Thanks Ugli. It was a little like having my batteries recharged.


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  1. ugli bob

    hey megan, wow – thanks. what a cool thing to read about a workshop (nogal)! ’twas an absolute pleasure – thank you for playing!

    me too – why don’t people take more advantage of stuff available to them? it bugs me that we all do it to some extent, and cape town is dripping with awesome talent…and yet and yet and yet…

    we sometimes suck as people. as a species…well let’s not even get started. our industry is the best ever – i cannot believe there can possibly be a better thing to do with one’s time, but man it comes with hang-ups. and we can’t seem to stop it. oh look – train. what? train! what?! tr – splam…!

  2. megan


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