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Undying Entanglement

Cathy Abraham has done something quite extraordinary with her exhibition Undying Entanglement at The Jewish Museum, and I was lucky enough to have her walk me through it yesterday. It would be silly try and write what it is about. I couldn’t do it proper justice anyway. I can just write down how and what it made me feel, and suggest you go and check it out, since it is on for the next two months.

Nostalgia, commentary, reflection, rage, love, analysis, image, destruction of image, rebellion, humour, dirty joke, pure intent, painstaking detail, wood, glass, image, film, sound, paper, wine, religion, relation, marriage, word, words, letters, fragility, criticism, joy, deceit. She has managed to capture all of this in a visual, aural, and emotional story that is deeply moving.



Natalie’s Circle of Love FUNdraiser 3


A FUNdraiser, heart warmer, eye opener

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  1. Dearest Megan
    I wanted to thank you for these incredible words and to congratulate you on your personal physical transformation completely symbolic of a necessary metamorphosis…
    Your journey now will be so thrilling with your new self ‘out’ in fullness even though physically it’s less!
    Lots of love

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