On Friday evening Big Friendly and I went to an old connection of mine’s exhibition at the Victoria Junction Protea Hotel in Green Point. It was her first ever exhibition. She has made many paintings; some of them quite extra-ordinary. What was amazing was that the exhibition was called ‘The Gathering’ and it was a gathering of people too. There were old friends and connections there that I hadn’t seen in absolute ages. One of them even gave me an invite to his 50th birthday party! So time moves on. We are all getting old. This ragged bunch of hectic jollers was now sedately worrying about baby sitters. Or worse, their kids were there – grown up and huge, and smiling patiently down at this has-been nostalgic bunch. A few glasses of wine helped to dull that pain and get us shouting.

Afterwards, Big Friendly and I wandered down the road to have dinner at my new favourite restaurant in CT, Il Leone. Yum. Honestly, the food is delicious, the vibe cool and trendy without being intimidating or up its arse and the prices are amazingly reasonable. It’s good to find a place that we know we’ll go back to again and again.

For the record, last night we did completely nothing. Diddly squat. Zilch.