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Virgin Active Advantage taking

I haven’t had a big, fat moan for ages, even though there has been quite a lot to whinge about. My car and Reeds Delta, for starters, and then the Gallows Hill (not called that for Nothing) traffic department. Eish.

But today I saw something at gym that literally blew my hair almost totally off my head. Let me start by saying that it is a constant source of irritation to me that Virgin Active gyms have become so ‘child friendly’. I cannot go to the gym in the afternoons, when all of Cape Town momhood are there with their offspring who are in the various stages of learning to swim. They run around the changerooms like fleas. They wee on the shower floors. Their damn nappies fill the bins. They bounce on the scale. Their mothers lapse into exhausted whining. I hate it.

Then there is the special playroom, with child minders to watch over small kids while mommies and/or daddies train and get a bit of ‘me’ time. I have always been relieved by the glass doors, and special button that needs to be pressed before the doors open. Those kids are at least safely locked in, and I can’t see or hear them.

So, back to today. I had just finished training and was on my way to the changeroom when a sexy young girl, barely out of her twenties crawled under the turnstile to get in to the gym. I noticed her because of that ‘g-string sticking out of the top of the jeans’ look that I am too old to understand. She didn’t have a tog bag or anything with her and she made her way to the kids’ playroom. I heard the crying as the door opened and she went inside to fetch her child. This mom had not been at the gym. She had been somewhere else entirely! But conveniently, she had left her child at the gym’s facilities while she went to do other stuff, not at the gym! I. Kid. You. Not. No pun intended. Shocked and disgusted is what I was.


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  1. Hmm. Far be it from me to interrupt a good Megan moan in full swing… but… that nice hermetically sealed kiddie zone is far from a free service. Parents have to pay a sign-up fee and a monthly fee to use it (unlike just toting their kids along to the gym, which is free aside from the initial sign-up). I can’t remember the amount (I don’t use the service) but I do recall working out that if you didn’t use it two or three times a week at least, it was a bit excessive. On the other hand, it entitles a parent to up to 2 consecutive hours of babysitting per day. Which is fabulous value for a busy parent without full-time help if they did make good use of it.
    It’s entirely possible that your yummy mummy culprit was finding a way of getting some legitimate value out of that monthly fee. It’s also entirely possible that she’d sneaked out after her workout for a coffee or brief bit of shopping, taking advantage of the bit of babysitting time. Which strikes me as not entirely outrageous.

  2. megan

    Thanks Lisa. I am totally contrite. Off to gym!


    Wow I 100% agree with you! I saw a child at the Wembley Sq branch make a number two in the swimming pool.

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