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we don’t like cricket. We LOVE it, yeah

Big Friendly and I are going to be setting the alarm again at one thirty tomorrow morning. How can we not? Dale St..eina made such magic and in fact, I am having a ceremony here, on meganshead right now. From now on, my outlook has changed and my attitude, along with Graeme Smith‘s captaincy, has matured, developed and improved. So, here on this blog, the name Poepteas is gone, a thing of the past. Viva those big SA mountain blomme, viva!


Braaiing in the rain


a wet blanket


  1. sohaib

    i want the song we say we dont like cricket we love it, which was telecasted on sky sports during England matches, where can find it, plz tell me i failed to find it anywhere

  2. megan

    Sohaib, the song is a rip off of 10cc’s Dreadlock Holiday. The cricket version has been adopted for the game and it has stuck. Check out the stuff on youtube when you search “I don’t like cricket”.

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