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we lost

we lost we lost we lost. we lost. we lost.

So now we are one all in the series (with one test to go). And Hershel has his hearing soon. All this makes me very nervous for the world cup in March. Wish I was going. Sigh. I’ll keep you posted.


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  1. The Saint

    Here’s a thought re: Gibbs. I don’t know who was insulted by the spectators [i.e was it Gibbs or another] but ~
    [1] it pisses me off intensely when people [and I include expat SAfricans] who choose to live in a country not of their birth, support their home country ferociously – if you want to live somewhere else, then have the decency to support that country or stay quietly neutral;
    [2] Gibbs’ comments were picked up by the stump mike, a fairly recent innovation in cricket and put there for the ubiquitous TV. Gibbs was not swearing at thje people as far as I know but venting some feelings in the middle of the field , may be talking to a fellow player. It is a sad day when a cricketer in the middle can’t say the a teammate “the umpire is a doos”. Ban stump mikes. I say !!!

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