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Week of Work

Aside from TheatreSports shows this week, I am busy with three other projects; one is tiny, one small and the other is long term. All of them can be classed as ‘industrial theatre’ of some form or another. So it is a full week of rehearsals and performances for interesting clients at unusual venues.

And I suppose that a built-in audience is good since our public paying audiences are so small this week. I have a feeling that the February blues have set in and everyone is worried about money and nobody is going out. I am sure that the load shedding and power failures have also contributed. people don’t want to take a chance and go to a show that will be cancelled. Even The Merchant of Venice had to be cancelled on Friday night during the massive power failure.

I am also experiencing that conflict of wanting to see some stuff (particularly stuff on during Die Suidoosterfees) and not having time. I suppose that’s the Cape Town curse of bad attendance.

And kitty news: After a harrowing Sunday afternoon, where Annie got sicker and sicker, we rushed her off to the world’smostamazingvet who had to give her an injection. Amazingly, even by the time we got home she was feeling better. They are busy exploring the bathroom at the moment.


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  1. The Saint

    KBT didn’t stop Friday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. megan

    You are lucky in the deep south!

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