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Weird week

So looking back on last week, from the fresh perspective of early Monday morning is quite weird. Yes, I celebrated our fantastic honour at the Fleur du Cap awards with lots of joy, but I also spent the week fighting. I fought with Fossil about my watch, I fought with MTN (that fight continues) to get an upgrade on my phone, I fought with Virgin Active who clearly don’t know how to run gyms, I struggled with Nedbank (I was a victim of credit card fraud) and I had an interesting but difficult time with work.

The common theme with the things that I am enraged about is money, or rather, the arse about face way that people and companies try to save it. I am working for a big corporate company at the moment, running training workshops for their big team of staff. Each day about sixty of them are taken away from their jobs for some team building and training, and we spend an hour and a half doing improvisation workshops with them. The rest of the day is spent doing other activities that have no connection with what we are doing, or with anything else really. So, what’s the point? This is the logic. Since they are spending money on us, the rest of the stuff will have to be internal, and for free. Just follow this train of thought to where it ends up. Nowhere.

Then, I was called in by an advertising company, who won a pitch for some industrial theatre on the strength of my proposal and budget. They wanted to meet with me so I could take the project on, since they have no idea about industrial theatre. But they only had half the budget. And there was the total expectation that I would do it for that. I tried to cut costs as far as I could, but no, that was not enough. They only had half. And yet, they still asked me to do it. They can’t do it themselves. The guy admitted that I was by far the cheapest industrial theatre maker he had spoken to, and yet, they didn’t want to pay. I was livid.

This week is going to be different. I will love the work I do and honour it by giving it its real value; in time, energy and money.


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  1. The Saint

    Do not sell yourself short ! You are worth what you are worth and &^%$* the rest.

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