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Big Friendly is in Nairobi again so I’m finding it hard to sleep.

The weirdest thing about deciding stuff about the Grahamstown Arts Festival is that you have to do it in February. Choosing a venue, paying hectically expensive registration fees, getting people to commit to time in July and forward planning the whole thing. There’s talk being bandied about to put together a Cape Town venue at the festival, with shows from some of the Cape Town theatre bigwigs. The idea is to do collective publicity, manage the door for each other and have a loverly foyer for festinos to come to. Nice idea.


top of the log, woodpile, whatever


Last night’s show


  1. Big Friendly

    Hanging out here is about as close as I can get to being with you, so get ready for a massive traffic spike this week.

    And just so you know, the Black Caps clapped the stuffing out of the Downunders and took the ODI series 3-0.

    love ya

  2. megan

    so, you’re in meganshead. In all ways. love ya

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