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Weirdness, and not in a cool way

Every now and then I am shaken out of my generally positive approach to the world by something that disturbs me deeply. Sometimes it’s a needless and senseless crime. Sometimes it is violence to animals and children. Sometimes it’s the gross bullshit we are fed in the media, or our politicians, or drunk drivers, or racists who just assume I also am. Ok, the list is endless.

weirdness Today’s positive mood destroyer though, was this picture on News 24. When I first saw it I thought, interesting balaclava for a mugging. But no. It is a model, sporting the latest look on a fashion runway. I kid you not. Now, maybe I’ve got it completely wrong, but I really don’t like what this is saying. It is totally misogynistic, cruel, bizarre and disturbing; weird, but not in a cool way. Is this the way we want to look this winter? I mean, you’ve got to be shitting me! Crocheted ears?? WTF?


Sheesh, and now, a cold!



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  1. megan

    I have to add that I wrote this post yesterday, before I saw a policeman hold a gun to someone’s head while they were lying in the road, in Main Rd Obz. Now this post seems so trivial in comparison. And guns are a proper good mood shatterer, not to mention flesh and bone and life.

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