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welcome 2000 and shine

I like to say cheerio to the year that’s past by hoping that certain challenges were overcome. I have a few particular ones that I want to be done with. And when I look to the new year I like to go into it with a particular focus on things, instead of making resolutions, as such.

I would love for this year to be a year of creative fulfillment. I want to write, direct, perform and paint my way through this year. I want to live in a creative and beautiful space, work with creative and talented people and explore creative places and ideas. But more than that, I want to pass on a creative message. I want to invite people to make things; with their hands, with their heads, with their money, with their hearts, with their decisions.

2009 is going to be political; we in SA have elections. I am going to bring creativity to that decision. I don’t know what that means yet exactly, but what it implies is that there is a choice that can be made without the limitation of fear. I hope a lot of people approach the election like that.

2009 is going to be greener. I am going to find more creative ways to live less wastefully. Lift clubs, recycling, a commitment to taking my shopping bag with me are on the agenda.

2009 is going to be a year of preparation. it is almost 2010 and here in SA you are either in or out of the soccer world cup. I have chosen to be in. Now I need to decide what to do and how to do it.

So that’s where I’m starting. But first, I’m waking up to watch SA heroes, the Proteas in their final away match in Aus. What inspiration!


a wet blanket


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  1. ray

    2009 is gonna be pinker too, it seems. Happy new year, Megan! May it be a great one and all your creations shine! Looking forward to it all.

  2. megan

    thanks Ray

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