A bedraggled and exhausted me and Big Friendly arrived home late arvie yesterday to many dog kisses and NO phone line. It’s taken Telkom and Big Friendly most of the day to get useless me back up and running. Whooo. So, this G’town post mortem will probably happen in instalments, the first one being the personal one.

This was an important festival for me. It’s the first time that I’ve come back from it not saying, “never again!” and in fact, I am already considering my attendance next year and how to do it differently and more effectively. So, that’s a good sign.

I have never worked as hard at a festival before. I was away for 13 days, without Big Friendly for 9, involved with three shows and the Cape Town Edge. I have never had so little sleep, drunk alcohol for so many nights consecutively, worn my black jeans for so many days without washing them, spent so much money on my cell phone and experienced an emotional rollercoaster of such magnitude.

I have never seen so little and been moved so little by what I saw. I have never been prouder of my work. I have never been as disappointed by the smallness of our audiences (for SOHAR and Shez Sharon). I have never been as encouraged by those who saw my shows (audience members and critics) and raved about them. A festival of extremes for me.

I had better hurry up and get it all down here, before I forget, or get caught up in my other pressing work, or lose interest. There’ll be more later. And then more after that too I bet.