21 Any agreement to make the benefits of this sub-clause available or not to be presented must be written down and may be amended by a written agreement. (e) (f) primary guardians: a person who plays the primary role of custody and custody of the child. Casual workers are not entitled to paid leave under this compassionate leave clause Workers who come to work are entitled to compassionate leave paid for up to 2 days per opportunity if a member of his immediate family suffers a fatal injury or is suffering from a fatal illness or death. Workers may also take unpaid leave by mutual agreement. Western Power may, at its discretion, grant additional compassionate leave paid on a case-by-case basis An employee who is to be used during normal working hours for jury service will be reimbursed by Western Power for an amount equal to the difference between the amount paid for jury service and the amount they would have received for normal time. , including post bonuses, if they had not been in the service of the jury. In order to be entitled to paid leave under this clause, a worker must inform Western Power as soon as possible of the date and duration of jury service on public holidays, subject to paragraph 22.7, a worker who is normally called to work from Monday to Friday is allowed to take a public holiday without loss of pay. unless it is necessary to work on the public holiday. If the trip to the san is necessary, the worker is paid two and a half times for each hour he works that day. (e) If a worker is not absent from work the day before or after a public holiday is observed due to illness or injury, he or she must prove to Western Power that he is complying with an appropriate person (e.g. B a medical certificate) that the worker was absent that day due to illness or injury.

Failure to present this evidence may result in the person not paying personal leave because of his or her absence that day. Under this clause, a casual worker is not allowed to leave the country.