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What are They Thinking?

It’s 02h06am and I can’t sleep through the heat. Also, I keep getting really woes.

Yesterday was spent auditioning for Noah, which should be a fabulous opportunity to see who is out there and experience some of the amazing talent on offer, that is constantly talked about. Now the brilliant and amazing director Jaci de Villiers has been off the Cape Town circuit for about ten years; she has been living and making work in Jozi, and doesn’t know many of the CT players. This audition process should be the chance for her to get a sense of who is out there and what they can do. And before everyone gets their broekies in a twist, let me just say that this rant does NOT apply to everybody and that there were a couple of people who really did justice to themselves and what they have to offer.  But, please can somebody explain to me, firstly, why so many people on the list (that had been revamped and updated and changed a million times) just didn’t pitch? Hey? Then, please can somebody also tell me which part of “prepare a song and a monologue'” should be ignored? Surely, if you are doing an audition you should…do the preparation? Obviously nerves kick in and words are forgotten and things planned don’t pan out. We know that. We appreciate that. But don’t try and bullshit your way through an audition that you are not prepared for. Finally, don’t the agents know what the people on their books can do? I mean, if the guy, or lady guy can’t sing, at all, even a little bit, then maybe they shouldn’t really be at an audition for an accapella musical? And if they’ve never acted before, in their lives, or had any training at all, surely they shouldn’t be there, taking up a slot and mauling beyond recognition the teeny monologue that they’ve chosen to do. I am sorry. It is just so plain rude to all involved.

Today we have the day off, but tomorrow it’s another full day of auditions. I really hope there can be a more genuine response in my glassy eyed smile tomorrow.


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  1. Ray

    I think that’s appalling – like not pitching for tickets booked, or (as I heard recently) not pitching at a wedding reception. Only I think this is worse. Wasn’t there a scandal a few years back about some actor getting blacklisted by a casting agent? (I forget the reason) I think the same kind of thing should apply here. That is the scourge of unprofessionalism, and gives all performers a bad name. Shame on them

  2. Alfred Rietmann

    If actors/singers have so little respect for Producers and Directors and of course their craft, they do not deserve to get cast and to work. They should be named and shamed so that other Producers can know and not even give them an audition slot. You try one THESE in London or New York and you might as well kiss your potential career good-bye for good.

  3. megan

    Exactly. And the agents need to be named and shamed too. They send their ‘d’ lists to audition for really difficult, complicated work; people who have only been extras in adverts!

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