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What now?

We made a huge effort to rally the crowds last night to get them in to what could have been the final performance of Good Will Acting. And it was loverly. More than 40 people came to celebrate the oddest version of the Nativity and they really seemed to love it. And then, today another fabulous review came out. We are supposed to have another week of shows, with a performance tonight and then next week on Monday 27, Tuesday 28, Wed 29, Thurs 30 and a special celebratory evening on New Year’s Eve. But we have no bookings to speak of. And I have no idea what to do. Do we call it a day, not take it personally and walk away, knowing that we put on a most fabulous show, with lessons totally learnt for how we will do it next year? Do we continue to rubber arm the rest of the folk left in Cape Town or possibly still arriving to come and see it? Do we play it by ear every single day and wait until twelve or one pm before deciding whether to do a show or not? And what about New Year’s Eve? What should our cut-off numbers be? How many constitute a fun party?

One of the hardest things about putting on a show is all the non-creative, business (if you can call it that) decisions that need to be made! I am in limbo. Help me decide!!


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  1. Jenni B

    Don’t give in – people are spending up a storm and will be in need to light, season-appropriate [!!] entertainmernt – the bookings will be good – keep the lights on for this charming piece of theatre.
    Slaapstad will wake up once the furore of the shopping has subsided

  2. Do it! Don’t give up.

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