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Why I can’t watch theatre online

This is just me here. This is not a philosophy, or an instruction, or criticism. It is me. I don’t want to watch theatre online. I make exceptions for National Theatre Live productions because they are filmed brilliantly, even during live performances in front of an audience, and also, I will never get to see these productions live.

But if I can choose to watch stuff I am going to choose things that are made for screen. And there is so much to choose from. Series, films, doccies, music, animation, to name a few. And there is so much out there, by so many brilliant and even famous people.

I don’t enjoy watching recordings of live theatrical performances. They make me sad, and frustrated, and empty. They don’t do the performers and writers and directors and lighting designers any justice.

So I am going to wait until I can go back into a live theatre space. And then I am going to go back with a vengeance.


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  1. coleen

    It really does depend on the filming… I too love NT Live… what a treat ! I tried The Globe’s Hamlet and lasted 10 minutes.. a straight recording just doesn’t work… I also watched JC Superstar at the O2 Arena .. it was beautifully filmed and really good. Agree that it does a production no good when not filmed with a TV/movie audience in mind. And as for watching oneself in a one camera tripod setup ! Well, that’s another story. ?

  2. Love this. i don’t get to watch enough live theatre but always find it everything you suggest in here [especially when it’s good] and haven’t been able to bring myself to click on any of the links to even the very best of productions that are being screened for people…

    Also, have you watched Man like Mobeen on the Netflix cos might be up your alley, especially if you watched Borderline and enjoyed it…

  3. Do you mean Borderliner?

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