Anyone else woke up today and thought, ok, now what? It is definitely the story of the free-lancer, or self-employed; we who do not drag our sorry post-holiday arses off to an office, to start that journey towards the end of the year again. Our end-of-holiday feeling brings with it a different angst. In my case, even though I had a fab, full, fruitful and hectically busy year last year, I don’t have an over planned beginning to this one (with only two certain jobs lined up so far) and there is that funny feeling. What if?

I am pretty good at doing stuff on my own, and keeping busy, and making work for myself, but I am also really lucky about being given work that pays the rent. Right now though I am basically still ‘on holiday’. Next year I think I will make sure that I am involved in some kind of production that spans December and January; to smooth over the edges of that little gnawing feeling.