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I am struggling to manage my rage. Sometimes a person reaches a tipping point. Mine happened yesterday when I heard that veteran actress and beautiful woman/mother/friend/hero, Nomhle Nkonyeni’s daughter was murdered by her boyfriend. Obviously it cuts especially deep if you know the person. It just makes it easier to visualise their pain and loss.

I am done. I am done with how people are busy killing the ones that they have relationships with. And the children. This has become a problem solving choice. Kill. How can this be? How can it be that policemen wipe out their whole family? How can a man stab his wife 19 times? How can a woman live in fear of a man and then have it justified by being bludgeoned to death? How can murder be the way to sort it out? I am shocked, horrified, angry, speechless. Why?


District 9 like an alien my broe



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  1. Jason

    Could it be that we’re surrounded by violence, constantly? You hear it on the news, you read it in the paper, you hear it from your neighbour, you read about it on blogs. When you are being told you’re a poephol by all and sundry, you start to believe it eventually.

    I got on the train the other day. At Observatory, this petite, fragile girl got on with two guys. I caught myself thinking “How swiftly could this little dear kill if she really needs to? How much damage could she inflict if she needs to defend herself”. See, I think we’re expecting violence, blood, guts and gore at any moment because we hear about it ALL. THE. TIME.

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