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Winter flu

noah So I hugged one of my actors on Tuesday and he was full of flu and now I’m full of flu. Poo. But yesterday I went to Noah of Cape Town rehearsals for an hour. It has been very hard to stay away. When I got there the cast (except for Vuyo who also has flu) were sitting around Amanda Tiffin, who was on the keyboard, and they were ‘note bashing’, which, for those unmusical like me, is learning the notes of one of the songs. So, in the beginning it’s all unremarkable, and then suddenly, there is this song. Sung by fifteen voices. Omigod.

I am beside myself with excitement for this show. Frankie (who plays Gareth Martens) has done these unbelievable drawings. I went to talk to the sales department at The Baxter today, to introduce them to the show and encourage them to sell block bookings. I can’t say how much I am just bubbling over.

I am also delighted with Jaci’s impressions, which can be read on Noah of Cape Town‘s web site. Check out her director’s diary to have a total sense of what it’s like to be at rehearsals.


Susan Boyle; can I say "I told you so!"?


Fear and Loathing in G’town

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  1. Alfred Rietmann

    Wishing EVERYONE involved in NOAH Most Of The Bestest Wishes I can wish!!!

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