Song and Dance is the title of my new play. It was chosen as one of four in the comedy section of the PANSA competition of  staged play readings taking place next weekend at the Magnet Theatre in Obz. The director Ntombi Makhutshi and her fab cast were rehearsing yesterday and I stopped by to drop off some set and props for them. I have realised that this is the first time I have properly handed over something that I have written myself to another director. It is totally liberating. It helps that I trust them completely, but weirdly, that isn’t the main issue. The big deal for me is not that we win the competition (although that would be nice) but rather that my play gets worked on and played with by a cast and director and we get to see whether, if and how it works. It’s one thing for me to direct my own words off a page but quite another for someone else to interpret it. And it is at that point that I become a playwright as opposed to theatre maker.

Song and Dance is a 5pm on Saturday 19 May. Come. Let me know what you think.