I haven’t workshopped a piece of theatre in a few years. It’s not my default when it comes to making theatre; I think it’s because I am strong and loud and opinionated. I like to do the talking, writing, directing; basically, I am very good at telling everyone  what to do. But there is a group of us (4) who are getting together to make a new work, and we are talking and telling stories and finding out who we are and what we think about things. We are talking about race, and language, and politics, and culture, and sex, and power. We are talking about age, and generational differences, and urban myths, and childhood fantasies. We are talking and sharing some things that go beyond what we know and assume about each other.

I have no idea how this is going to become something, or even what it is going to become, but I am so excited to be at that moment of trust and terror; the desire to be heard, and the fear that what I am is close to what I am most afraid of being.

Also, I am thinking again about what theatre is. I don’t have clear answers, but I am getting ideas, feelings and images. All these, I know, will turn into something else when they are made.

I will keep you posted.