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World Cup skande

It has started. And I am shocked.

Let me start at the beginning. I went with a friend to have a coffee at a swanky/shabby/chic Cafe Neo in Mouille Point. It was my first time there and I struggled to keep my focus on our conversation because there is this huge double table in the middle of the space, with benches on either side and everyone hangs out on their Apple Macs! I have never seen that many of them squeezed into one space. I couldn’t believe that I too had one, but it was at home. This weekend I am going to buy a little sheath for my Mac a Tiny, so it can come everywhere with me. Anyway, I couldn’t decide what I wanted and just had a coke. Then I remembered that there was a little gelato shop down the road. I love ice-cream. And sorbet. Love. So I suggested that we pop on past when we were done.

So we hopped down the road to the teeny shop attached to Newport deli (not my fave place in Cape Town) and were met by the sweetest serving guy, who really struggled to tell me that one small cup, which takes one scoop of ice-cream costs R20. R20. For one scoop of ice-cream in a teeny cup. He told me it was world cup prices. I left empty handed and down hearted. This is so totally not ayoba. It is an outrageous, total rip-off. And people will get cross. In Rome, home of gelato, I paid two Euros for three scoops. So I really don’t know where Newport gets such a total bullshit idea from, but they cannot be supported. The world cup only starts in June. I am a local. And nobody should have to pay R20 for one teeny scoop of ice-cream. Sies.


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  1. That’s craziness!! What’s worse is – I’ve had ice cream from that place and it’s really Not Nice At All. It wasn’t World Cup Priced, but it was so Not-Nice that I made a mental note never to have ice cream from them again. But I’ve noticed this R20 a scoop nonsense. I think it started with the insanely imported Haagen-Dazs at the waterfront (imagine the carbon footprint of that stuff…), or the over-branded Gelato Mania in Green Point. (I really like ice cream, you see!) Anyway, totally agree. Sies, man. We’ll just all have to go to Rome.

  2. megan

    Thanks Lisa, fellow ice-cream lover. Actually, the best gelato I’ve had in CT is from the Dodge City Diner at the V&A Waterfront, and even though I assume that it is mainly targeted at tourists I don’t remember being aware of outrageous prices. But I hate shopping malls so much, I can’t remember when last I was at the V&A.


    The ice-cream I like [but not at those prices]. What’s driving me insane is this bloody World Cup thing. Look let me start from here – I don’t particularly like, I don’t get and I don’t follow soccer. So Soccer World Cup 2010 [or 2014 or 2018 etc] doesn’t interest me – not a jot. Don’t get me wrong – I hope it goes off very smoothly, that Bafana Bafana win a game or 2 and that the press is not full of negative stories of people being mugged, hijacked, murdered etc. But leave me out please.

    I tell you what I am going to do over the World Cup – I am going to spend some time with friends walking at Bushmans, I am going top watch some theatre at Grahamstown, I am going to drink a little red wine [oh yes a little – this is the new me] and I am going to watch the Boks play Ireland, Italy and France and the Proteas play West Indies; I am going to read some books and listen to some music. OK OK I will probably keep an eye on soccer results in the paper and on the TV and I might even watch a highlights package or town when BB are playing. But for the rest – so ho hum Holland beat Spain – who cares. Brazil lost to Macedonia – pass the salt please.

    I read the other day that some poor [and I mean poor] sod shelled out R140 a ticket for 2 or 3 tickets to watch New Zealand play Slovakia in Rustenberg or some other dorp – I mean come on !!!!! He can’t afford it, it’s a crap game and he will probably be the only people there apart from the 37 Kiwi and 47 Slovak fans who are reliably reported booked to come to SA for the game.

    I am beginning to get just a tad ticked at the time and money being spent to promote this event and the way it is being forced down my throat on radio, TV and in the newspapers. I am heartily sick of the Sky News insert which shows some slightly un-coordinated kid kicking a ball onto a field where it is picked up by a player who does some tricks and then overhead kicks into a empty goal – a cynic I know commented that was truly SA soccer – more interested in the form that the substance and can only score when the goal keeper is missing but I don’t know enough about it to comment.

    I don’t want to diski [I hope the Friday lesson went well] – I don’t want a ticket – actually I just want it over so I don’t have to keep hearing about it.

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