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Is it just me or do the stories about violence against women and children seem worse during the 16 days of activism? I know, I know, the publicity and awareness heighten these kinds of stories, but…I have this nagging sense that perpetrators of these crimes just don’t care or, worse, are deliberately choosing now to be disgusting beasts. I have only this last week heard about a man who tried to kill his wife right here in Slaap Stad.

So, today is World AIDS awareness day. South Africa has the highest HIV infection rate in the world and what do we do? Hold a pop concert. Isn’t that weird? Isn’t it weird that Louise Carver was on radio 2000 talking absolute rubbish about AIDS awareness because she is performing at the Who’s who in the Zoo music concert in the world? I dunno. When Michelle Constant (who hosts an incredible lunchtime show on radio 2000 every weekday) asked Louise if she was going to sing any relevant songs to promote the cause she went into a garbled diatribe about how she missed home when she was in London, even though her parents are from England blah blah blah…. She spoke about visiting “the most amazing (I swear to the heavens!!!!) AIDS orphanage” and spoke about how her and all the very famous overseas artists were made equal in their excitement to meet “Mr Mandela”. I’m sorry, it’s just rubbish publicity and it creates as much awareness about AIDS as fourteen skiers would in a sardine canning factory. Makes no sense? Exactly. So, we have a president who is an HIV and AIDS denier, a presidential runner who has unprotected sex of dubious consent, a health minister who should work for Fruit ‘n Veg City and South Africa’s hero who (I believe, misguidedly) is committed to a pop concert. I’m worried.




The most boring total defeat ever


  1. beilla gans

    ….and I was going to comment that you were on the bland side . No more!- up and at em. – good for you… Too much complacency. at the top Tante B

  2. To paraphrase Ambrose Bierce – “In our society, intelligence is so highly honoured that it is rewarded by exemption from the cares of celebs.”

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