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Not C’ing

Every now and then I am struck by total advertising failure. Cell C’s new campaign with Trevor Noah is one of them. I didn’t understand the first one in the series, when he was doing the Cell C shake up, following people into the toilet, talking kak about the new logo and basically being a weird, like, guy in a suit. Now he is asking the main Cell C guy weird questions and asking how he ‘likes his coffee’ nudge, nudge, wink, wink. WTF? What’s that got to do with anything? But the biggest mistake for me is that the series is in that negative, try and catch the guy out vein. There is nothing less successful in an ad campaign than misplaced negativity. It makes everyone feel shit. And I can’t see how that sells the product.


Almost Spring




  1. Funia

    Couldn’t agree with you more Meg – what a waste of time and money! Their biggest mistake was denying the setup – he dissed them in a show and less than a month later they have a campaign featuring nobody but him???? There is no way they got this together so quickly – his fee negotiations alone probably took 3 months!!!!! Or maybe I am just a cynical ex advertising somebody!

  2. Chuck

    Spot on, Funia: it’s now common knowledge that Cell C staged his set in which he dissed them. Industry gossip is that Trevor got R2,2 million for the campaign – Cell C subscribers’ fees flushed straight down the toilet. As for Trevor, people I’ve spoken to say they never EVER want to work with him again – arrogant, unprofessional, rude, and incredibly late to any appointment! I’ll be very suprised if he still has a career in two years time.

  3. megan

    Yo! R2,2 million to diss them. Somebody needs to take the rap for this one. Especially since both local competitors, MTN and Vodacom, regardless of their total inability to provide a decent service, have put together such positive, fun, accessible, loved campaigns. Ayoba went beyond itself with success and I’m loving Vodacom’s Daddy Cool.

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