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DSC00251 I’m Megan Furniss, also known sometimes as Megan Choritz. It’s complicated; I got married late, love my married surname, but can’t totally get rid of the original Choritz I was known as professionally. I live and work in Cape Town with Big Friendly, my husband, and furry family Frieda and Linus, Jasmine and Chassie, and part timer, street cat¬† Jonesie.

I work as a theatre practitioner which is not as lah dee dah as it sounds. I run a kind of theatre company called Improvision, and I also improvise¬†with Improguise. My main work is to create, write and direct Industrial theatre, a weirdly South African and very popular message driven form of live communication. I try and write plays, sometimes alone and sometimes with genius collaborators like Graham Weir or Rob Hobbs. Sometimes my plays get made into productions, which is brilliantly exciting for me. My latest and best thing to do work wise is corporate workshops, teaching the skills of improvisation to business people. It’s fantastic, feel good, team building, eye opening, hilarious and it works.

In January 2007 I got into a really bad mood after seeing a particularly shocking production and Megan’s Head was born. I am unashamedly harsh on bad theatre, but shmoozy about anything good. Writing Megan’s Head has also ended up giving me the opportunity to wax lyrical about some other loves, like cricket and my small furries, and to mega moan about things that drive me completely nuts.

I suppose you could call Megan’s Head a kind of mixed bag, theatre blog, moan session, personal blah blah blog.

If you need to get hold of me please email me on


  1. Hi Megan
    Couldn’t find an email address but would you be willing to have your recent Boundaries post republished on
    We will credit you as the author and provide a link back to you site.

  2. Hey Megan, I’d love if you could get in touch with me as I’m a theatre researcher heading to G-town this year, booked Confession Sessions and interested in dropping through to Cape Town some time before.

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