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Nicky Newman and Niqabi Ninja

I took advantage of exquisite photographer Nicky Newman today. I sponsor her a pathetic monthly amount on Patreon and I got a big reward in the form of a photo shoot for Niqabi Ninja. In my dropbox I have 23 of the most extraordinary, sensitive, hard-core, amazing theatre pictures I have seen in a very, very long time. I have no idea how I am going to choose from them. I am speechless. Here are three of my favourite favourites, at the moment. I am blown away. Nothing will sell this show as well as these. Here is a link to Nicky’s website too.

NN by Nicky Newman - WEB-8

NN by Nicky Newman - WEB-12

NN by Nicky Newman - WEB-22


Niqabi Ninja – we need your help


Niqabi Ninja and every woman

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