The movement is done by the speed of pulse or chain. If you spend a command signal, a ship can move at a pulse speed of 2. This may require the placement of “space traces.” Each disk of the planetary system indicates how many “traces of space” can be connected to it, and when placing a new track, a special six-sided matrix (with values of 2, 3 and 4) is rolled to determine whether the path to space 2, 3 or 4 is long. The speed of distortion makes it possible to travel faster. Again, an order is exhausted and a spacecraft is right next to the planet (or space pathway) in which it is located. By issuing additional commands, the ships collect Kett tokens (to add anything that can give final progress), so that this ship arrives later, at the price of a command token, out of distortion to get to a distant system. (If a ship has accumulated z.B four ketttoken, it can drive up to four systems from its starting point. But neither by impulse nor distortion, you cannot travel through areas that you do not control, which include enemy ships.) Of course, if you travel, you will discover new systems. Turn Order – (This may not be relevant, since I`m considering going with the random turn order all the time), but if I start with the previous turn-order, I`ll offer you 2, and the following players offer 3 (Tim),4 (Bryan)0 (Jay) and 0 (Doug) then control round choice would be Go Bryan/Tim/Me with Jay and Doug would get the two remaining cards randomly and all the resources from the auction would go to delivery? Clinging strictly to the basic game, part of the problem with Star Trek Ascendancy is that it`s a long game. The rules suggest one hour per player, but this is based on the fact that players are already very familiar with the game: it is not difficult to imagine a game that easily takes twice as long when players come to see it for the first time. So before you start, you`ll need three people who are ready to commit, which could be a six-hour stay. Once everyone has taken to the Absentand, the players “recharge”. Assuming that the victory has not been achieved by any player, players generate resources from nodes under their control, trade agreements that are still in force and all the progress they produce.

Finally, maintenance is done, which involves the return of all depleted control discs to their active page (and perhaps more if each built stellar base adds 1 commands to power a player, like some progress) and adds distortion tokens to warping vessels.